Owton Fens Community Association


Who We Are

Owton Fens Community Association (O.F.C.A.)
                      244-246 CATCOTE ROAD
                      TS25  3JN
         01429 - 283187        or        283188        or       283189. 
Fax:  01429 - 283186

O.F.C.A' s record of achievement is linked to the examination of the unique needs of Hartlepool's most disadvantaged wards and finding ways to meet these needs.

People in control of financial, intellectual and physical resources in the community have worked successfully with the community groups, including O.F.C.A. in the past.

By combining resources from all parts of the community there have been many successful efforts in addressing problems across the town.

The Local Learning Centre concept provided by O.F.C.A's are based at:

244/6 Catcote Road. (H.Q.)

The Farm: ( off on the right up Summerhill Lane)

The Association provides Social, Leisure and Enterprise Opportunities with a particular focus on individuals, education and employment.

O.F.C.A's dedicated staff are committed to actually responding to local people's needs.

They do this by supporting and working in partnership to encourage people to identify their own positive attributes, thereby taking away the barriers and enabling people to explore the opportunities avaliable by giving them the tools to take charge and to make their own decisions.

This in turn raises self esteem, builds confidence, empowers people to help themselves and become focused, able to set achievable goals.


How and Why did we come about?

Owton Fens Community Association grew out of a Community Programme scheme

run by the

Cleveland Council of Churches Unemployment Programme.


.After a successful one day festival of recreational and social activities in late 1984 a group of residents decided to form O.F.C.A. in February 1985.

Its initial aims were to help combat unemployment and organise events for the community.


O.F.C.A. has been funded mainly by the public sector, attracting resources for a variety of activities from Hartlepool Borough Council, the former Cleveland County Council, Hartlepool Task Force and in recent years, Charities, Trusts and the Private Sector.

The Organisation is run by a Management Committee consisting mainly of local residents but an Advisory Group, with representatives of various organisations that work with O.F.C.A, offers advice and guidance on a range of relevant matters.

O.F.C.A. provides a stepping stone for local residents into employment, education, self-employment and training for jobs.

It motivates and educates as well as providing training in life and social skills such as Computer Literacy, Leisure and Educational Events whilst maintaining a flexibility that allows locally generated demands and individual commitments to be met.